Coaching and Training

The success of nonprofit organizations is particularly hinged on the expertise of the team, and the quality of the programs.
Your nonprofit needs consistent innovations no matter if it is just starting or if it has been existing for decades.
Our coaching and training sessions walk you through the processes of launching a new nonprofit and hitting the ground running in a few weeks after launch. Also, the coaching and training sessions will help you to be a better nonprofit manager going forward.

Our Nonprofit Coaching and Training services include:

NGO Launching (Launch It)

Launch It is our four (4) weeks coaching program specifically for individuals who are ready and need guidance in launching their nonprofit organization.

Volunteer Training

We will also coach and train volunteers who are willing to work with your nonprofit organization to actualize a common goal.

Team Training

Starting and running a nonprofit takes time, dedication, money, and effort. You may relapse at some point when the burden becomes too hard to bear.
Our Team/Collective Training is designed to help you stay on track and remain committed to the cause for which you launched the nonprofit.

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